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About Us & Events

About us

We're passionate about ethnic flavors & jazz, and so we’ve branded our unique take on sushi & Asian specialties: The Mad Monkfish. Nothing warms the palate like an explosion of flavor or the heart like a burst of the song! Chef Ginger loves to jam on Asian culinary themes! Her menu reflects both gustatory tradition and a sense of play and innovation.


Mike Turk Trio

07:00 PM - 10:00 PM

For those who can't make it to the Jazz Baroness Room, Monkfish now streams live all of its performances on their Facebook page.

Mike Turk, chromatic harmonica

Chris Taylor, piano

Barry Smith, acoustic bass

American born, Mike began playing harmonica in 1967 at age 14.  By the early 1970’s he had developed his technique on the “blues” or diatonic harmonica and found his way to Boston where he soon became a local figure in the vibrant music scene that was happening there. It was this period in the 70’s that Turk began to explore the possibilities of the chromatic or “Jazz” harmonica.

From 1978 –1980 he attended Berklee College of Music. This music education afforded Mike the “tools” so to speak to understanding the technique and musical approach of the great Jazz Harmonica phenomenon Jean “Toots” Thielemans.  Although Toots is European, Belgian born, the fire in his playing comes from the profound influences and inspirations of the great American Jazz players such as Benny Goodman, Charlie Parker and Zoot Sims. Toots’ early albums are American productions accompanied by some of the heaviest Jazz & Bebop players at that time.…” I’ll always think of the music on Thielemans”  Columbia and Riverside recordings as amazing American Jazz experiences!” Turk remarks. Turk began to formulate his ideas on the Harmonica with an almost purely “American” approach using the technique established by Toots Thielemans. Eventually, Turk’s influences would come from a virtual textbook of Bebop and Modern Jazz written by the likes of Charlie Parker, Sonny Stiit, Dizzy Gillespie, Dextor Gordon, Cannonball Adderly, Lee Morgan, Chet Baker, Gerry Mulligan, Pepper Adams, Ben Webster, Stan Getz, Wes Montgomery, Milt Jackson, Bill Evans, Lucky Thompson, Hank Mobley…many more, East Coast Bop & West Coast Cool!

In the 1980’s & 1990’s Turk remained in Boston as a working Jazz harmonicist performing in concerts, clubs and as an “on call” studio musician.

In this period Turk performed and collaborated with great Boston players such as Gray Sargent and Marshall Wood ( presently with Tony Bennett) and had the great honor to play with Dave McKenna from time to time. Other somewhat unsung, top-notch Boston players include Jeff Stout, Dick Johnson, Jon Wheatley, Lou Columbo, Ray Santisi, Paul Schmelling, Paul Broadnax, John Lockwood, Bob Gullotti, the great Joe Hunt and also Alan Dawson…..many more great players not mentioned here!


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Yoko Miwa Trio

07:00 PM - 10:00 PMFor those who can't make it to the Jazz Baroness Room, Monkfish now streams live all of its performances on their Facebook page. Yoko Miwa, pianoBrad Barrett, acoustic bassScott Goulding, drumsMiwa’s story of becoming a jazz musician is full of serendipity and happy twists of fate. In the late 1990s the classically-trained artist auditioned for Berklee College of Music on a lark and ended up winning a full scholarship. She arrived at the school from her homeland of Japan in 1997, intending to stay for a year.In 2017, she’s still in Boston, enriching the city’s musical life and serving as one of the most popular professors in the Berklee piano department.Act Naturally, the Yoko Miwa Trio’s major label debut in Japan, came out in 2012 on the JVC Victor Entertainment label and the band toured Japan that same year. “She is one of the best jazz pianists in Japan,” said Yozo Iwanami, Jazz Hihyo Magazine. A native of Kobe, Japan, Miwa was classically trained and didn’t pursue an interest in jazz until she met and studied with Minoru Ozone, a popular television organist and nightclub owner who is the father of pianist Makoto Ozone. Miwa worked at Ozone’s club and as an accompanist and piano instructor at his music school until the great Kobe earthquake of 1995 destroyed both facilities. Then, while continuing to take private lessons from Minoru Ozone, she also pursued musical studies at the Koyo Conservatory in Kobe. From there she won first prize in a scholarship competition to attend Berklee. Miwa quickly began playing with a host of talented students and teachers, and she formed a strong bond with vocal great Kevin Mahogany, who chose the pianist to serve as accompanist in his classes and on his gigs.http://www.yokomiwa.com

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